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Giles Henley

Research Fellow

Portrait of Giles Henley
<p>Giles is a Research Fellow and agricultural economist in the Agricultural Development and Policy programme. Giles&rsquo; research explores the linkages between land governance, agricultural and wider economic development and food security.</p>

His current work focuses on the economics and governance of rural land markets in developing countries, and how these are affected both by efforts to strengthen tenure security and initiatives to promote agricultural development, especially targeting biofuels.

His recent research projects include reviewing evidence on efforts to strengthen land rights and their economic impacts, exploring what an international land transparency initiative could aim to do and analysing what a growing peri-urban space in developing countries means for approaches to land governance. He is also involved in long-term research exploring linkages between industrial crop development, land use and food security in Sub Saharan Africa. 

Prior to joining the ODI, Giles worked for seven years on agriculture and forestry issues in Asia and Africa. His has worked extensively in East Asia and southern Africa, with research and project management experience in China, Nepal, Madagascar, the Philippines, Rwanda, and Tanzania.