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Social norms

  1. Agency and Empowerment for Adolescent Girls: An Intentional Approach to Policy and Programming

    Journal issue/article

  2. Can broadcast media change gender norms? Lessons from South Asia


  3. Why LGBTQI+ services must be intersectional

  4. Intersecting exclusions: experiences of violence and displacement among LGBTQI+ communities in Kenya

    Research reports

  5. Multi-Level Programming Aimed at Gender Norms Transformation to Improve Capabilities of Young Adolescents in Ethiopia: A Cluster Randomized Control Trial


  6. Generation Equality Forum: how to shift power for a gender-just world

  7. Intersecting exclusions: displacement and gender-based violence among people with diverse sexualities and gender identities in Kenya

    Literature reviews

  8. Young women in the agricultural sector in Uganda: lessons from the Youth Forward Initiative

    Research reports

  9. Sisterhood and beyond: how to uphold momentum on feminist change

  10. Data, tools and measurement: guide to recent resources


  11. The gendered experiences of adolescent girls working in the adult entertainment sector in Nepal

    Research reports

  12. Gender, power and progress: how norms change

    Research reports

  13. The Nairobi Summit, one year on: the march for women’s rights continues

  14. Disentangling urban adolescents’ vulnerability to age- and gender-based violence through a capability lens in Ethiopia and Rwanda

    Book/book chapter

  15. Innovations in quantitative measurement of gender norms


  16. ALIGN Guide: Education and gender norms


  17. A tale of contradictions: understanding the impact of social norms on Nepali men and boys

    Briefing/policy papers

  18. Five ways to change gender norms in unpaid care and domestic work

  19. Historical lessons on gender norm change, with case studies from Uganda and Nepal

    Briefing/policy papers

  20. Why look back? It's not where we are going: the value of history in understanding gender and development

    Working papers