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Think Change episode 20: why should men care about International Women's Day?

Written by Sara Pantuliano, Gary Barker, Khawar Mumtaz, Aatif Somji


This International Women's Day, we ask how and why men should care more about feminist visions for a fairer society.

Every year on 8 March, women organise together to collectively demand their rights – specifically to transform gendered inequalities in paid and unpaid labour. 

But there is an aspect of this conversation that is not talked about enough. It is about men’s neglected role at home in unpaid care work and in supporting women's activism. This episode answers the question of why men should care more, highlighting the direct links between equal division of domestic responsibilities to women’s labour participation and autonomy. 

These voices can help inspire wider discussions on the role of men in breaking down gender norms around what is perceived as women’s work, and how they can contribute to building change at home, at work and through progressive policy.


  • Sara Pantuliano (host), Chief Executive, ODI
  • Gary Barker, President & CEO, Equimundo
  • Khawar Mumtaz, feminist scholar & activist, former Chairperson of the National Commission on the Status of Women, Pakistan
  • Aatif Somji, Senior Research Officer, ODI

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