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  1. Linking financial services and social protection for resilience in Kenya

  2. Building resilience for all: intersectional approaches for reducing vulnerability to natural hazards in Nepal and Kenya

  3. Investing in financial inclusion for climate resilience and adaptation: the role of Islamic financial services

  4. Risk-informed development: from crisis to resilience

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  7. Resilience and sustainable poverty escapes in Niger: national report

  8. Adaptation Without Borders

  9. Building livelihood and community resilience: lessons from Somalia and Zimbabwe

  10. Outcome monitoring and learning in large multi-stakeholder research programmes: lessons from the PRISE consortium

  11. Building resilient food systems and value chains through financial services

  12. What we’ve learnt doing mixed-methods behavioural research in Uganda

  13. Unlocking climate-resilient economic development in drylands: pathways to a resilient world

  14. What impact are NGOs having on the wider development of climate services?

  15. How does resilience change over time? Tracking post-disaster recovery using mobile phone surveys

  16. Climate resilient economic transformation

  17. Financing for resilience

  18. ‘Leaving no one behind’ through enabling climate-resilient economic development in dryland regions

  19. Value Chain Analysis for Resilience in Drylands (VC-ARID): identification of adaptation options in key sectors

  20. The role of multilateral climate funds in supporting resilience and adaptation through insurance initiatives