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  1. Understanding and mitigating social risks to sustainable development in China’s BRI: evidence from Nepal and Zambia

  2. Use of digital technology among adolescents in the adult entertainment sector in Nepal

  3. The gendered experiences of adolescent girls working in the adult entertainment sector in Nepal

  4. Pushing people further into poverty: the impact of Covid-19 in lower- and middle- income countries

  5. Dilemmas and experiences of international support for inclusive peacebuilding

  6. Adolescent girls’ experiences of cross-border and international migration in the adult entertainment sector in Nepal

  7. ‘Every action counts’: why the humanitarian sector needs to fast-track inclusion

  8. Reconstructing our understanding of the link between services and state legitimacy

  9. A tale of contradictions: understanding the impact of social norms on Nepali men and boys

  10. What research from conflict-affected countries can tell us about responses to Covid-19

  11. Historical lessons on gender norm change, with case studies from Uganda and Nepal

  12. Layering and tailoring financial services for resilience: insights, opportunities and challenges from BRACED projects in Ethiopia, Kenya, Nepal and Senegal

  13. Barriers to urban shelter self-recovery in Philippines and Nepal: lessons for humanitarian policy and practice

  14. The governance of Nepal’s flood early warning system: opportunities under federalism

  15. The 2017 Nepal flood response: resources beyond international humanitarian assistance

  16. What drives policy change in Nepal? A comparative analysis

  17. The potential of Nepal’s social security allowance schemes to support emergency flood response

  18. Building resilience for all: intersectional approaches for reducing vulnerability to natural hazards in Nepal and Kenya

  19. Gendered experiences of adolescents: baseline findings from World Vision's Rupantaram adolescent life skills curriculum

  20. Influencing adaptation policy: the role of policy entrepreneurs in securing ownership and climate action in South Asia