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Increasing digital financial inclusion in the Asia-Pacific region: key factors for cash recipient inclusion

Briefing/policy papers

Written by Moizza Binat Sarwar, Stephanie Diepeveen

Briefing/policy papers

While there is a strong consensus that digitalisation can increase financial inclusion, how to integrate digital financial products and services in cash recipients’ lives is less clear. In particular, literature on the experiences and perceptions of cash recipients is limited.

This briefing draws on a wider study on digital financial inclusion in the context of humanitarian and social protection cash transfers in the Asia-Pacific. The study, conducted by ODI for World Food Programme, draws insights from focus groups and key informant interviews with men and women recipients of digitally delivered cash transfers in Bangladesh, Nepal and Cambodia.

You can experience related content below featuring ODI Research Fellow Moizza Binat Sarwar on the Social Protection Podcast, and with ODI Senior Research Fellow Stephanie Diepeveen on a webinar focusing on demand and supply perspectives on Digital Financial Inclusion and cash transfers.

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