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Cash transfers and digital financial inclusion: Regional evidence from Asia Pacific with a focus on Bangladesh, Cambodia, and Nepal

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Written by Moizza Binat Sarwar, Stephanie Diepeveen, Diego Benitez Moreno

Image credit:Counting money, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Aaron Gibson/Flickr.

Cash transfer payments by UN agencies and national governments has the potential to expand access to digital financial products and services among the poorest households.

Listening and responding to cash recipients’ preferences and needs are critical for effective and appropriate design of humanitarian and development programmes.

We identify a key knowledge gap in discussions and literature around how users perceive and experience such initiatives and how these fit into their social and economic lives.

This report explores the landscape for digital financial inclusion through cash-based transfers in the Asia-Pacific region, highlighting cash recipients’ perspectives on how digital cash-based transfers link to digital financial inclusion.

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