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  1. Who is being left behind in sub-Saharan Africa, Asia and Latin America?

  2. Implementing a Medium-Term Perspective to Budgeting in the Context of National Poverty Reduction Strategies

  3. A Review of Experience in Implementing Medium Term Expenditure Frameworks in a PRSP Context: A Synthesis of Eight Country Studies

  4. Designing Participatory Strategies for Forest Projects in West Africa: Two Case Studies from Benin

  5. Cowpea, farmer field schools and farmer-to-farmer extension: a Benin case study

  6. Millennium Development Goals (MDG) Report Card: Measuring Progress Across Countries

  7. Global Financial Crisis Preliminary Synthesis of Ten Draft Country Reports

  8. The global financial crisis: Poverty and social protection

  9. Benin's progress in education: Expanding access and narrowing the gender gap

  10. PRSP Institutionalisation Study: Final Report. Chapter 2: Institutionalising the PRSP Approach in Benin

  11. Conception de stratégies participatives pour les projets de foresterie en Afrique de l’Ouest : deux études de cas au Bénin

  12. Evaluation of Citizens’ Voice and Accountability Pilot Study report: Benin

  13. PRSP Institutionalisation Study: Final Report

  14. Pesticide provision in liberalised Africa: Out of control?

  15. El diseño de estrategias participativas para proyectos forestales en África Occidental: dos estudios de caso en Benin

  16. Reports from multi-country study assessing the design and application of the Medium Term Expenditure Framework - Benin

  17. Millennium Development Goals Report Card: Learning from progress

  18. Linking Policies and Budgets: Implementing Medium Term Expenditure Frameworks in a PRSP Context

  19. Poor countries hit harder than expected by global financial and economic crisis

  20. Open for business – Africa rising