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PRSP Institutionalisation Study: Final Report

Research reports

Written by David Booth

The study is inductive and exploratory. Three main aspects of the PRSP processes are explored:

· the attitudes, plans and commitments of stakeholders at the country level

· the institutional changes that are being introduced and the prospects for further institutionalisation of the PRSP approach;

· the development of monitoring and information systems.

The country studies are based on wide-ranging stakeholder and key-informant interviews and documentary analysis, carried out in two stages, in late 2000 and the second or third quarter of 2001. The focus is on assessing PRSP processes, not on the quality of the resulting plans and documents, although this aspect is given some attention. Key observations and arguments from the country chapters are brought together in the analytical matrix appended to this chapter, which in turn provides the structure for the Overview.  

David Booth