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Financing disaster risk reduction: towards a coherent and comprehensive approach

Research report

Written by Jan Kellett, Alice Caravani

Research report

Although receiving less attention than some of the perceived weaknesses of the existing Hyogo Framework for Action (HFA) national financing has arguably seen at best highly variable progress over the past 10 years, with the weakness of its articulation and commitments within the original framework likely to be one, but not the only, contributing factor. The World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction in March 2015 therefore presents the international community, through the likely creation of a new framework for DRR, with an opportunity to make progress on financing.

This report examines five countries - Indonesia, the Philippines, Costa Rica, Mexico and South Africa - that all have positive aspects regarding coordinated and coherent national financing of DRR, yet issues remain regardless of progress made. The report makes recommendations based on the research targeted towards different actors - national governments, the international community, the academic and research community and the successor the HFA. If there is one general principle that underpins the recommendations it is is that making and respecting financial commitments to risk reduction is essential to make progess. No quantity of good legislation or strong DRR frameworks, even those that make risk reduction an issue sector by sector, will make a difference if insufficient financing is allocated.

Jan Kellett , Alice Caravani , Florence Pichon