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  1. The consistency of finance flows with the Paris Agreement: Indonesia case study

    Case/country studies

  2. What’s the state of play on Just Energy Transition Partnerships?

  3. Migration for climate action: how labour mobility can help the green transition

  4. Collective approaches to communication and community engagement in the Central Sulawesi response

    Research reports

  5. Collective approaches to communication and community engagement


  6. Energy safety nets: using social assistance mechanisms to close affordability gaps for the poor

    Research reports

  7. The untold story of water in climate adaptation. II. 15 countries speak

    Research reports

  8. Low carbon development: a paradigm shift towards a green economy in Indonesia

    Research reports

  9. Tracking G20 coal subsidies

  10. G20 coal subsidies: Indonesia

    Research reports

  11. Stories from G20 countries: shifting public money out of fossil fuels

    Working papers

  12. MEDIA NOTE: Investors with $742 billion in assets urge G20 governments to end fossil fuel subsidies

    Press Release

  13. Indonesia wants to become a knowledge economy - here’s how it can get there

  14. Policy, change and paradox in Indonesia: implications for the use of knowledge

    Working papers

  15. Shifts in the knowledge sector in Indonesia from 2013-2016: a synthesis of cases of change

    Working papers

  16. Domestic resource mobilisation and the transition to sustainable development: synthesis of Asia case studies

    Research reports

  17. Making governance work for water-energy-food nexus approaches

    Working papers

  18. Commissioning knowledge for policy: reforms in the procurement of research in Indonesia

    Working papers

  19. Investing in knowledge: the establishment of the Indonesian Science Fund

    Working papers

  20. Is measuring policy influence like measuring thin air? The experience of SurveyMETER in producing three episode studies

    Working papers