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Climate risks and adaptation in the Indonesian water sector: a rapid assessment

Expert Comment

Written by Sarah Opitz-Stapleton, Adriana Quevedo, Paul Sayers, Yue Cao

Image credit:Aulia Erlangga/CIFOR Image license:CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

How Indonesia manages its water resources today and into the future will play a critical role in whether or not it is able to achieve socio-economic development targets.

Indonesia has some of the highest biodiversity and natural resource riches on the planet, which can be conserved and protected to assist the country in meeting its goals for a prosperous, low carbon and sustainable economy. However, increasing demand, pollution, deforestation and peatland drainage, and climate change present serious risks to the country's water resources and require coherent, integrated management.

This report is a rapid assessment of the Indonesian water sector and climate-related threats. It supports the Indonesia’s Low Carbon Development Initiative (LCDI) and presents an augmented focus on water. In doing so, it builds on the climate risks and adaptation chapter of the Ministry of National Development Planning's Low Carbon Development: A Paradigm Shift Towards a Green Economy in Indonesia.

Authors: Sarah Opitz-Stapleton, Adriana Quevedo, Paul Sayers, Yue Cao and Maria Ratnaningsih