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Disaster response

  1. Pre-agreed disaster finance: The agenda that women's advocates should be influencing


  2. Disasters by design: the need for actionable risk management

  3. Covid-19: crisis as opportunity for urban cash transfers?

    Working papers

  4. Social protection provisions to refugees during the Covid-19 pandemic: lessons learned from government and humanitarian responses

    Working papers

  5. National cash transfer responses to Covid-19: operational lessons learned for social protection system-strengthening and future shocks

    Working papers

  6. Have social protection responses to Covid-19 undermined or supported gender equality? Emerging lessons from a gender perspective

    Working papers

  7. Disasters: looking back at the realities for people caught in conflict and disaster

  8. Enhanced preparedness for extreme weather across the Caribbean: a joint work plan


  9. Preparing for extreme weather in the Caribbean: what role for forecast-based early action?

    Working papers

  10. How to take early action in the eastern Caribbean to avoid climate extremes becoming disasters

  11. Collective approaches to communication and community engagement in the Mozambique Cyclone Idai response

    Research reports

  12. Three ways to maintain Lebanon’s ‘fragile peace’ and rebuild Beirut

  13. The influence of the physical environment on self-recovery after disasters in Nepal and the Philippines


  14. Covid-19: a lesson in leadership from the Caribbean

  15. The evidence base on anticipatory action

    Working papers

  16. Dealing with Covid-19 in conflict zones needs a different approach

  17. Engaging companies in manmade disasters – a guidance toolkit for private sector networks


  18. Financial flows mapping: the potential for a risk finance facility for civil society

    Working papers

  19. Mapping financial flows for disasters: strengthening resilience and response to crises

    Research reports

  20. Disasters