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United Kingdom (UK)

  1. Fiscal gimmickry is no way to manage the aid budget

  2. The White Paper and the UK’s future role in international development

  3. BII at 75: future directions

  4. Digital public finance: top trends in October 2023

  5. Digital public finance: top trends in September 2023

  6. Foreign Reserves & Global Objectives

    Briefing/policy papers

  7. Decarbonising the UK’s building stock: can immigration policy help solve workforce challenges?

    Working papers

  8. What is smart development power? Unpacking emergent strategies among four European donors

  9. Crafting development power: evolving European approaches in an age of polycrisis

    Research reports

  10. As UK public attitudes toward migration are increasingly positive, it’s time for more balanced and evidence-based narratives

  11. Public finance and development: top reads in April 2023

  12. Dear Prime Minister: a letter from the Advisory Group for a Global Summit for Afghan women and girls

  13. UK-India FTA negotiations: contentious issues, potential solutions

  14. Donors, implementing agencies and DFI/PDB cooperation – The case of the UK: BII and FCDO


  15. Supporting the mental health of refugees: lessons from the UK's Afghan resettlement scheme

  16. Cost of living crisis

  17. Think Change episode 11: what’s causing the energy crisis?

  18. Using real-time indicators for economic decision-making in government: Lessons from the Covid-19 crisis in the UK

    Emerging analysis

  19. Statement as the new UK Prime Minister Liz Truss takes up her role

    Press Release

  20. The UK’s Trade and Development agenda can help tackle global inflation and the cost of living crisis