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United Kingdom (UK)

  1. UK government's response to this refugee crisis is too little, too confused, too slow

  2. What the privatisation of vaccine innovation tells us about Global Britain

  3. Africa’s economic integration offers prospects for UK investors

  4. How the UK’s Comprehensive Spending Review risks jeopardising COP26

  5. On lorry drivers and a warm welcome

  6. Importing for development: reforming the UK’s trade preferences

  7. The UK, Special Drawing Rights and fiscal gimmickry

  8. Disasters by design: the need for actionable risk management

  9. The three myths underlying the vote on the UK’s ODA cuts

  10. ODI in conversation with Preet Gill


  11. Advocating for better protection for conflict-affected populations: legal action against UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia for use in the Yemen conflict

    Briefing/policy papers

  12. A year of British leadership – delivering on Global Britain

  13. It’s time to secure climate-compatible trade

  14. LearnAdapt: a synthesis of our work on adaptive programming with DFID/FCDO (2017–2020)

    Briefing/policy papers

  15. LearnAdapt: lessons from three years of adaptive management

  16. Scoping opportunities, barriers and enablers of nature-based solutions in Russia: the REACT programme’s UK–Russia exchange on climate change transition

    Research reports

  17. Missed opportunities in the UK budget to support global development

  18. Scaling up clean energy investments


  19. Beyond the Union: a new platform for European cooperation

    Briefing/policy papers

  20. A conversation with Sonam P. Wangdi and Anne-Marie Trevelyan