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Multilateral institutions

  1. Old wine in new bottles? China, the G7 and the new infrastructure geopolitics

  2. ODI in conversation with Fatou Bensouda


  3. What’s next for the multilateral development banks in the face of the climate crisis?

  4. Multilateral climate funds: Where is inclusive, sustainable economic transformation being promoted?

    Working papers

  5. Trends and disruptors in multilateral finance: looking ahead with the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank


  6. Statement: Annual Meetings 2022 – MDBs can do much more to help solve the global economic and climate crises

    Press Release

  7. Independent think tank leaders issue call to action for MDB reform

    Press Release

  8. Think Change episode 12: do we need a new Bretton Woods agreement for the post-Covid era?

  9. Lessons for peace: engaging with Afghanistan after four decades of conflict and one year of new Taliban administration

    Briefing/policy papers

  10. Devex Opinion: World Bank and MDBs must show proactive climate leadership

  11. Reforming capital adequacy at MDBs: How to prudently unlock more financial resources to face the world’s development challenges

  12. ODI Bites – Financing the future of multilateralism: lessons from the WHO for reforming the UN


  13. Governance of multilateral development banks: Options for reform

    Research reports

  14. Reforming multilateralism: UNGA and the art of the possible

  15. Why and how multilateral development banks should operate in middle-income countries

  16. Multilateral development banks

  17. Reinforcing United Nations Funding: How the G7 Can Strengthen Multilateralism

    Briefing/policy papers

  18. Multilateral Development Banks’ Capital Adequacy Frameworks: options for reform?


  19. Higher lending, bigger impact: tackling global crises through multilateral development bank reform

  20. What prospects for aid in 2022 (and beyond)?