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Multilateral institutions

  1. Scaling up multilateral bank finance for the Covid-19 recovery

  2. African development banks: an agenda for action

  3. Three ways development finance institutions can enhance investments in healthcare

  4. The role of development finance institutions in supporting jobs during Covid-19 and beyond

  5. The future of diplomacy: G20 in a Covid era


  6. UNGA 75: two priorities to address climate breakdown

  7. Covid-19 and financial access: supporting low-income businesses and households in Africa

  8. Gender norms and women in politics: evaluating progress and identifying challenges on the 25th anniversary of the Beijing Platform

    Briefing/policy papers

  9. Four ways to prevent the Sustainable Development Goals becoming a casualty of Covid-19 responses

  10. What next for UK international development?


  11. International Monetary Fund predictions: Asia’s growth after Covid-19

  12. Financing for developing countries facing a coronavirus-sparked economic crisis

  13. Donor support to peace processes: a Lessons for Peace literature review

    Working papers

  14. Lessons for Peace: Afghanistan


  15. COP25: net zero requires tackling fossil fuel production

  16. Solving the low-income country debt crisis: four solutions

  17. Low-income country debt: three key trends

  18. Four ways to improve the World Bank’s proposal for a Sustainable Development Finance Policy

  19. UN summit on Financing for Development: SDG ambition versus financing reality

  20. As researchers, we must work with activists to solve the climate crisis