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  1. Event summary: The humanitarian implications of a backlash on rights

  2. Humanitarian hypocrisy, double standards and the law in Gaza

  3. Think Change episode 32: Israel/OPT crisis - what's needed to stop the bloodshed?

  4. Israel-Gaza crisis

  5. Political leaders must act to stop the bloodshed in Gaza

    Press Release

  6. Think Change episode 29: Palestine and Israel - How can justice prevail?

  7. Who should provide climate finance? Answering a hard question with some hard numbers

  8. Economics in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: Historical insights from quantitative analysis - Executive Summary

    Research reports

  9. Does the wage bill affect conflict? Evidence from Palestine

    Research reports

  10. Trade, employment and conflict: Evidence from the Second Intifada

    Research reports

  11. What causes animosity between groups? Evidence from Israeli settlements in the Palestinian territory

    Research reports

  12. Seizing the moment: Gaza donors’ conference

    Briefing/policy papers

  13. We should defend the rights of Gaza’s children

  14. The Palestinian state-building agenda

    Research reports

  15. Losing ground: Protection and livelihoods in the Occupied Palestinian Territory

    Working papers

  16. Assessment on the implementation of the Mediterranean Strategy for Sustainable Development (MSSD) for the period 2005-2010

    Research reports

  17. Beyond sovereignty and UN recognition: internal challenges to building a resilient Palestinian state

  18. What is the responsibility of the international community to protect civilians in the Lebanon crisis?