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Seizing the moment: Gaza donors’ conference

Briefing/policy paper

Written by Eva Svoboda

Briefing/policy paper

Addressing humanitarian consequences of violence is just the first step – dealing with its causes is the next

On 12 October Egypt and Norway will host a donor conference in Cairo to raise funds for the rebuilding of Gaza following the recent conflict there. It is hoped that the conference will help generate $5 billion.

But the reconstruction of Gaza after the latest round of conflict will cost $6 billion, and could take decades.

This crisis brief examines the crisis in Gaza, the larger Israeli-Palestinian conflict and proposes key next steps for Israelis, Palestinians and international donors to help end the cycle of violence.

Key messages:

  • Simply pledging more money at the donor conference in Cairo in October is not the solution.
  • As the cycle of violence continues, Israelis and Palestinians are heading towards a state of near-permanent conflict. Donors can and should play a more assertive role by demanding a clear timetable and milestones for negotiations.
  • It is in the interest of Israelis and Palestinians to find a durable solution to the conflict, and donors should support this - and if need be put pressure on both sides to make progress.

This is the first of a new series HPG Crisis Briefs which provides rapid analysis on topical humanitarian issues to inform the debate amongst policy-makers and practitioners.

Eva Svoboda