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Future of work

  1. The gig economy: an opportunity to extend social protection to excluded women?


  2. Social protection, women’s and girls’ empowerment and gender equality


  3. Four ways the Global Commission on the Future of Work can deliver for women in the gig economy

  4. Gender and the gig economy: critical steps for evidence-based policy

    Working papers

  5. How to ensure Ethiopia’s ‘jobs compact’ works for refugees

  6. How to grow manufacturing and create jobs in a digital economy: 10 policy priorities for Kenya

    Research reports

  7. Older women are left behind – Penny Mordaunt is well placed to change this

  8. Skill needs for the future

    Research reports

  9. The economic dimensions of mobility: access to jobs and sustainable livelihoods

    Briefing/policy papers

  10. Decent work, migration and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

    Briefing/policy papers

  11. The gig economy in complex refugee situations


  12. Why the new UN panel on digital cooperation should focus on inequality

  13. Digitalisation and the future of manufacturing in Africa

    Research reports

  14. Informal is the new normal: improving the lives of workers at risk of being left behind

    Working papers

  15. The future of work for Syrian refugee women in Jordan: is the “gig economy” an opportunity?

  16. Women, apps and domestic work

  17. Women and the 'Uber-isation' of domestic work

  18. A good gig? The rise of on-demand domestic work

    Working papers

  19. How technology is changing women's working lives


  20. Cash transfers: what does the evidence say?

    Research reports