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How to grow manufacturing and create jobs in a digital economy: 10 policy priorities for Kenya

Research reports

Written by Karishma Banga, Dirk Willem te Velde

Hero image description: Use of computer-aided design software/computer-aided manufacturing for t-shirt production at New Wide Garments, Kenya, 2018. Image credit:Karishma Banga/SET programme Image license:All rights reserved

The global manufacturing landscape is changing rapidly with the increasing use of digital technologies such as robotics and artificial intelligence, presenting both important opportunities and challenges for manufacturing and job creation. While Kenya has emerged as the leader of digitalisation in the African context there is still a significant digital divide within the country, when compared with developed countries and Asian economies, in terms of access to and use of technology. At the same time, there are growing fears that rapid digitalisation might hamper job creation efforts, particularly in the manufacturing sector.


This report, produced in partnership with the Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM), develops a framework of 10 policy priorities to support the successful digital transformation of Kenyan manufacturing, by building digital capabilities, fostering competitiveness and managing inclusive digital change.

Karishma Banga and Dirk Willem te Velde