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  9. Combatting climate change with nature-based solutions

  10. Adolescents’ experiences of Covid-19 and the public health response in urban Dhaka, Bangladesh

  11. ‘People won’t die due to the disease; they will die due to hunger’: exploring the impacts of Covid-19 on Rohingya and Bangladeshi adolescents in Cox’s Bazar

  12. ‘I have nothing to feed my family…’: Covid-19 risk pathways for adolescent girls in low- and middle-income countries

  13. Shaping the macro-economy in response to Covid-19: a responsible economic stimulus, a stable financial sector and a revival in exports

  14. 'We didn't come here to eat. We came here to save our life': health and nutrition challenges facing adolescents in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh

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  18. ‘How will my life be?’: psychosocial well-being among Rohingya and Bangladeshi adolescents in Cox’s Bazar

  19. ‘I don’t have any aspiration because I couldn’t study’: exploring the educational barriers facing adolescents in Cox’s Bazar

  20. Age- and gender-based violence risks facing Rohingya and Bangladeshi adolescents in Cox’s Bazar