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Towards universal health systems in the Covid-19 era: opportunities and threats

Briefing/policy papers

Written by Emma Samman

Hero image description: A group of doctors in Ethiopia Image credit:USAID Ethiopia/Nena Terrell

This briefing highlights key insights from a recent ODI event, 'Towards universal health systems: leaving no one behind’, which provided an opportunity for a wide-ranging discussion on how Covid-19 is affecting healthcare systems worldwide, and the potential it offers for building better health systems. Combing research on how universal health systems have developed, it is organised under three themes: (1) how Covid-19 is exposing the fragility of health systems; (2) the potential the crisis offers for expanding universal health coverage (UHC); and (3) how best to capitalise upon this potential.

This publication is part of ODI’s series on coronavirus. It showcases emerging ideas and rapid initial analysis from ODI experts.

A group of doctors in Ethiopia

Emma Samman