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Think Change episode 7: what can be done to tackle Covid-19 vaccine inequity?

This episode assesses the impact of the Covid-19 vaccine waiver deal, and asks what other action is needed to respond to this pandemic and prepare for future ones.
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Migrants’ contribution to the Covid-19 response

Explore stories, reforms and actions around migrant workers and the Covid-19 response from across the world in our innovative data visualisation.

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  1. More than meets the eye? Assessing MDBs’ contribution to tackling global challenges

  2. Financing social assistance in lower-income countries post-Covid-19: An exploration of realistic options

    Working papers

  3. A new framework for measuring and fighting poverty

  4. Development Policy Review January 2023 round-up

  5. Think Change episode 16: what can we expect in 2023 and beyond?

  6. Inflation, incomes and inequality – how can lower-income countries use fiscal policy to the greatest effect?

  7. Looking back, looking forward: where next for US inflation?

  8. Weathering the storm: African public development banks’ response to Covid-19 and their recovery role

    Working papers

  9. Managing a new era of IMF lending conditions

  10. Participatory research with adolescents and youth in the Middle East: a toolkit to explore how crises shape young people’s well-being


  11. Using real-time indicators for economic decision-making in government: Lessons from the Covid-19 crisis in the UK

    Emerging analysis

  12. Sexual and reproductive health and rights in the era of COVID-19: a qualitative study of the experiences of vulnerable urban youth in Ethiopia

    Journal issue/article

  13. Women leading local humanitarian response during the Covid-19 pandemic

    Working papers

  14. Think Change episode 7: what can be done to tackle Covid-19 vaccine inequity?

  15. The digitalisation of social protection before and since the onset of Covid-19: opportunities, challenges and lessons

    Working papers

  16. Remittances for recovery: a new era of digital money


  17. Financing primary healthcare: putting people at the centre


  18. Development finance institutions stepped up in times of crisis, but must now step out of their comfort zone

  19. Advancing an equitable G20 response to Covid-19: A measurement perspective

  20. Monitoring G20 contributions to global Covid-19 vaccine equity: issues and options

    Briefing/policy papers