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Migrants’ contribution to the Covid-19 response

Explore stories, reforms and actions around migrant workers and the Covid-19 response from across the world in our innovative data visualisation.

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  1. Innovating out of economic crises


  2. Sexual and reproductive health and rights after Covid-19: A forward-looking agenda

    Briefing/policy papers

  3. CDC–ODI webinar series on development finance institutions and the Covid-19 crisis

    Meeting/conference reports

  4. Mobilising action and finance towards global vaccination


  5. Covid-19: crisis as opportunity for urban cash transfers?

    Working papers

  6. National cash transfer responses to Covid-19: operational lessons learned for social protection system-strengthening and future shocks

    Working papers

  7. Social protection provisions to refugees during the Covid-19 pandemic: lessons learned from government and humanitarian responses

    Working papers

  8. Have social protection responses to Covid-19 undermined or supported gender equality? Emerging lessons from a gender perspective

    Working papers

  9. Covid-19: implications for localisation. A case study of Afghanistan and Pakistan

    Working papers

  10. Ending the acute phase of the Covid-19 pandemic

  11. China and global development: seven things to read in May

  12. From aid to development partnerships: lessons from the literature and implications of the Covid-19 crisis

    Literature reviews

  13. A 'shot in the arm' for multilateral cooperation - why international public finance should step up its game for global vaccination

  14. Four views on how development finance institutions must invest better

  15. ODI Bites: international cooperation for a global reset


  16. Beyond gratitude: lessons learned from migrants’ contribution to the Covid-19 response

    Working papers

  17. Prospects for aid at times of crisis

    Working papers

  18. Advancing youth-centred digital ecosystems in Africa in a post-Covid-19 world

    Working papers

  19. Covid-19 and the future of digital humanitarianism


  20. Economic Pulse 2: China navigates its Covid-19 recovery – outward investment appetite and implications for developing countries

    Research reports