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Think Change episode 7: what can be done to tackle Covid-19 vaccine inequity?

This episode assesses the impact of the Covid-19 vaccine waiver deal, and asks what other action is needed to respond to this pandemic and prepare for future ones.
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Migrants’ contribution to the Covid-19 response

Explore stories, reforms and actions around migrant workers and the Covid-19 response from across the world in our innovative data visualisation.

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  1. Development Policy Review November 2023 round-up

  2. Pathways toward digitalization in Social Protection and Labor (SPL) service delivery

    Briefing/policy papers

  3. Think Change episode 30: halfway to 2030, are the SDGs still relevant?

  4. More than meets the eye? Assessing MDBs’ contribution to tackling global challenges

  5. Financing social assistance in lower-income countries post-Covid-19: An exploration of realistic options

    Working papers

  6. A new framework for measuring and fighting poverty

  7. Development Policy Review January 2023 round-up

  8. Think Change episode 16: what can we expect in 2023 and beyond?

  9. Inflation, incomes and inequality – how can lower-income countries use fiscal policy to the greatest effect?

  10. Looking back, looking forward: where next for US inflation?

  11. Weathering the storm: African public development banks’ response to Covid-19 and their recovery role

    Working papers

  12. Managing a new era of IMF lending conditions

  13. Participatory research with adolescents and youth in the Middle East: a toolkit to explore how crises shape young people’s well-being


  14. Using real-time indicators for economic decision-making in government: Lessons from the Covid-19 crisis in the UK

    Emerging analysis

  15. Sexual and reproductive health and rights in the era of COVID-19: a qualitative study of the experiences of vulnerable urban youth in Ethiopia

    Journal issue/article

  16. Women leading local humanitarian response during the Covid-19 pandemic

    Working papers

  17. Think Change episode 7: what can be done to tackle Covid-19 vaccine inequity?

  18. The digitalisation of social protection before and since the onset of Covid-19: opportunities, challenges and lessons

    Working papers

  19. Remittances for recovery: a new era of digital money


  20. Financing primary healthcare: putting people at the centre