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Emma Samman

Research Associate

  • Equity and Social Policy
Portrait of Emma Samman

Emma Samman is a Research Associate within ODI’s Equity and Social Policy Programme, specializing in the analysis of poverty and inequality, particularly gendered inequalities, monitoring of the Sustainable Development Goals and survey design. Her current interests include the care economy, gendered experiences of gig and informal work, gender norms and the ‘leave no one behind’ agenda.

Emma has approximately 20 years of experience of policy-focused research in low- and middle-income settings. Her experience prior to joining ODI includes positions at University of Sussex, University of Oxford and the International Food Policy Research Institute, and varied consultancy projects for international and non-governmental organizations. Emma holds a DPhil in Development Studies (University of Oxford) and an MSc in Economic History (London School of Economics).

  1. Women’s economic empowerment: supporting transformative change

    Briefing/policy papers

  2. What if the Commonwealth was really about common wealth?

  3. Advancing an equitable G20 response to Covid-19: A measurement perspective

  4. Monitoring G20 contributions to global Covid-19 vaccine equity: issues and options

    Briefing/policy papers

  5. Mental health and psychosocial well-being among adolescents in Viet Nam

    Research reports

  6. Mental health and psychosocial well-being among adolescents in Tanzania

    Research reports

  7. ‘Leave no one behind’ – five years into Agenda 2030: guidelines for turning the concept into action

    Research reports

  8. Gender, power and progress: how norms change

    Research reports

  9. Financing the reduction of extreme poverty post-Covid-19

    Briefing/policy papers

  10. Gender norms and women in politics: evaluating progress and identifying challenges on the 25th anniversary of the Beijing Platform

    Briefing/policy papers

  11. Targeted interventions are vital to make universal health coverage a reality for all

  12. Ensuring no one is ‘left behind’ in health: an evidence review of constraints and ways forward

    Working papers

  13. Universal child benefits: policy issues and options

    Research reports

  14. Covid-19 and health: five expert views

  15. Towards universal health systems in the Covid-19 era: opportunities and threats

    Briefing/policy papers

  16. Busting four myths about Universal Health Coverage

  17. Reaching universal health coverage: a political economy review of trends across 49 countries

    Working papers

  18. Women in the gig economy: paid work, care and flexibility in Kenya and South Africa

    Research reports

  19. How to finance the end of extreme poverty

  20. Financing the end of extreme poverty: 2019 update

    Briefing/policy papers

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