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The co-creation and implementation of an adolescent school-based mental health intervention in Tanzania: key findings

Research reports

Written by Johnson Mshiu, Carmen Leon-Himmelstine, Georgia Plank, Emma Samman, Esther Kyungu, José Manuel Roche, Edward Amani, Fiona Samuels, Arnaldo Pellini

Hero image description: Traditional Tanzanian cloth. Photo credit: Steffen Foerster | Shutterstock ID: 2727816 Image credit:Traditional Tanzanian cloth. Photo credit: Steffen Foerster | Shutterstock ID: 2727816

This report is the final product of a 2020-23 programme of work addressing the mental health needs of youth and adolescents (aged 10-19) in Tanzania and Vietnam through the co-creation and piloting of in-person and digital approaches. In Tanzania, the study focused on four schools in Morogoro and Mwanza cities.

Building on our baseline findings, and using mixed method approaches (including individual and group interviews, and surveys incorporating a range of mental health indicators), this report analyses the effects of the intervention. After describing the co-creation process and the intervention itself, the report evaluates changes in adolescent awareness of mental health, their coping strategies, their knowledge of and access to supportive services and mental health outcomes.

The Excel file 'Annex tables data' (below) contains supplementary tables 5.2 to 5.9 inclusive corresponding to the report annexes and annex 10, which provides full regression results.