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Technology strategy for sustainable livelihoods

Working papers

The central output of the work conducted is a strategy framework for facilitating the adoption and effective utilization of the high potential technologies in order to improve productivity of micro and small enterprises.

The author has identified and reviewed the constraints for the development and transfer of technologies that would support enterprise development and the determination of the capacity of national institutions, through both field and desk research, to implement the strategy framework played a pivotal role in the identification and review of the constraints.

Salt production at micro-enterprise level has been a tradition in some communities in Malawi.This has formed the basis of a case study presented in this paper. The common asset base of Ndawambi were analysed further in order to identify opportunities for productivity improvement in the context of the technology strategy for sustainable livelihoods framework.

Finally, the findings and observations were presented at a one-day Roundtable Meeting of selected participants from Ndawambi and Nyamawende communities whichwere selected as case study areas.

United Nations Development Programme - Sustainable livelihoods programme