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Supporting demand side accountability in Tanzania

Research report

Written by Simon Hearn, Harry Jones

Research report

The Accountability in Tanzania Programme (AcT) provides core funding to civil society organisations in Tanzania and supports them to strengthen practices and capacities of strategic planning, management of implementation, monitoring and documentation of results and learning. One of the key tools that the AcT uses for this purpose is Outcome Mapping.

AcT has adapted its approach to Outcome Mapping from ODI’s RAPID Outcome Mapping Approach (ROMA). Since ODI’s original introduction of ROMA to the AcT team in September 2009, the tool has been developed further and an AcT Resource Guide on Outcome Mapping produced.  A total of 8 partners have been trained in Outcome Mapping.

This study  took four of these CSOs to learn about their experienced with OM, to see what benefit AcTs support was having and to make recommendations to AcT about how to enhance this support.

This report aims to highlight the experiences so far of four the AcT partners in terms of their strategic planning and the support received through the AcT partnership.

Simon Hearn and Harry Jones