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  1. To merge or not to merge? Lessons for Germany from Global Britain

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  3. Effective collaboration between governance and sector programmes: Assessment of the evidence on what works

    Working papers

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  5. Twenty years of UK governance programmes in Nigeria: achievements, challenges, lessons and implications for future support

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  13. Taliban narratives on Al Qaeda in Afghanistan

    Working papers

  14. Coinfusion: digital money is creating opportunities and dilemmas for policy-makers

  15. Intergovernmental fiscal transfers, equity and service delivery: lessons from Uganda

    Working papers

  16. Towards sustained development in Small Island Developing States: why we need to reshape global governance

    Working papers

  17. Is public financial management digitally mature?

  18. An intergovernmental perspective on managing public finances for service delivery

    Working papers

  19. Fiscal decentralisation and redistributive politics: evidence from Kenya

    Working papers

  20. Fiscal decentralisation and redistributive politics: evidence from Kenya

    Briefing/policy papers