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  1. Think Change episode 12: do we need a new Bretton Woods agreement for the post-Covid era?

  2. Russia’s recent ITU election loss is a major setback for China’s internet governance ambitions

  3. Statement as the new UK Prime Minister Liz Truss takes up her role

    Press Release

  4. Think Change episode 10: what has the impact of Taliban rule been, one year on? Afghan women’s perspectives

  5. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is creating cascading risks across Eurasia – here’s what to watch out for

  6. Innovations in Donor Bureaucracies and the Implications for Peacebuilding Financing

    Briefing/policy papers

  7. Think Change episode 8: what next? Rwanda asylum plan in a changing political landscape

  8. With geopolitics undermining development in Small Island Developing States, stronger alliances are needed more than ever

  9. An opposition of values: Russian independent journalism after 24th February

  10. Think Change episode 7: what can be done to tackle Covid-19 vaccine inequity?

  11. Development Policy Review July 2022 round-up

  12. What if the Commonwealth was really about common wealth?

  13. Effective collaboration between governance and sector programmes: assessment of the evidence on what works

    Working papers

  14. Conflict and Transnational Crime: borders, bullets & business in Southeast Asia

    Book/book chapter

  15. Future directions for the World Bank and the broader MDB system: some reflections

  16. From elite bargains to (more) open and (more) inclusive politics

    Research reports

  17. Inclusive, sustainable economic transformation: An analysis of trends and trade-offs

    Working papers

  18. A war on many fronts: disinformation around the Russia-Ukraine war

  19. Notes from Africa 3: Botswana

  20. Blackout: understanding the internet shutdowns in Kazakhstan and Yemen