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Sub-Saharan Africa and international equity: policy approaches to enhancing its role in economic development

Working papers

Written by Judith Tyson

Working papers

​International private equity offers an unprecedented opportunity to accelerate economic development in sub-Saharan Africa. It has been the fast growing capital flow to the region with more than $50 billion annually and a 20 percent of cross-border capital flows.


However, new policy is needed from development finance institutions, national governments and bi-lateral agencies to capture their benefits. Policy priorities include:

• Being more proactive at an earlier and smaller level of enterprise development 

• More holistic policy that develops 'eco-systems' for sectors and industries 

• More sophisticated and well-priced risk mitigation that is more closely aligned with investors needs 

• Capital flow management to manage risks to financial stability especially from mutual funds and ETFs

• Universal, but pragmatic, standards for responsible investment tailored to the sub-Saharan African context especially for energy, healthcare and education.


Judith E. Tyson