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Judith Tyson

Research Fellow

  • International Economic Development Group
Portrait of Judith Tyson

Judith is a specialist in private investment and financial development. Recent work includes examining banking and capital market development, domestic resource mobilization, infrastructure financing, cross-border capital flows and blended private-public co-investment.

She has acted as expert advisors to ICAI, the UK parliamentary 'watchdog', the World Economic Forum (WEF- Digital inclusion), CDC Group, various FCDO expert panels and is co-investigator for a $2 million ERSC-DFID grant for research into financial development working with the Africa Economic Research Consortium and SOAS. Clients have included the UNCTAD, UN Economic Commission for Africa, DFID, UN-WIDER, the European Commission and a number of national governments, central banks and development agencies in Africa and Asia.

She has worked in-country across sub-Saharan Africa including in Kenya, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Rwanda, Cote D'Ivoire and Liberia. Her work has attracted media coverage including in the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal, the BBC (World News, Business Report, Victoria Derbyshire, Today Program, Focus on Africa), CNBC and CNN.

She holds a doctorate from the School of Africa and Oriental Studies at the University of London, has authored numerous books and papers and has more than two decades' experience as an investment banker at JP Morgan and Deutsche Bank in New York, Tokyo and London.

  1. Financing for Natural Capital in Africa

  2. Inclusive, Sustainable Economic Transformation


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  9. Financial-sector development and inclusive and sustainable economic growth in sub-Saharan Africa

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  10. Differences in finance’s role in economic development in sub- Saharan Africa

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  11. Green bonds in sub-Saharan Africa

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  12. Policy Priorities for Sub-Saharan Africa’s Financial Development

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  13. Capital Market Development in Sub-Saharan Africa

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  14. Impact assessment for market-building interventions in capital markets: Review, critiques and improvements

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  15. Capital market development in sub- Saharan Africa: Progress, challenges and innovations

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  16. Four views on how development finance institutions must invest better

  17. Impact of pan-African banks on financial development in sub-Saharan Africa

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  18. Game-changing finance: three ways to ‘build back better’ in sub-Saharan Africa

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  20. Sub-Saharan Africa’s interbank markets: progress, barriers and policy implications

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