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Social forestry network papers 1988-91



Social forestry network papers from 1988 to 1991. Articles featured in these issues include:

  • Towards better woodland management in Sahelian Mali by J. Skinner
  • Trees and pastoralists: the case of the Pokot and Turkana by Edmund Barrow
  • Rural women and urban men: fuelwood conflict and sustainability in Sussex village, Sierra Leona by Andy Inglis
  • The reality of the commons: answering Hardin from Somalia Forests. Trees and Household Food Security by Julia FALCONER and Hike ARNOLD
  • Wood Fuel in Kano. Mioeria; The Urban-Rural Conflict by R.A. CLINE-COLE, J.A. FALOLA, H.A.C. MAIN, M.J. HORTIHORE, J.E. NICHOL & F.D. O'REILLY
  • Forestry and the Development of a National Forestry Extension Service by El Taib Ahmed ABDULLA and Christine HOLDING
  • Putting Trees into the Farming System; Land Adjudication and Agroforestry on the loiter slopes of Hount Kenya by Cill SHEPHERD
  • Tarn Forestry in the Ancient Mediterranean by Russell HEIGGS
  • Hedges and Hedgerow Trees in Britain; A Thousand Years of Agroforestry by Oliver RACKHAH
  • Fodder trees, nurseries and their central role in the hillfarming systems of Nepal by Patrick ROBINSON and lan THOMPSON
  • Drylands agroforestrv. homestead trees, and the nurseries to support them. NGO experience in Tamil Nadu. South India by T. FATIMSON with the staff of the Social Forestry Information Project, Madurai
  • After Uiamaa; farmer needs, nurseries and project sustainabilitv in Hvanza. Tanzania by Christian GUGGENBERGER, Patrick NDULU, Gill SHEPHERD
  • Nurseries in Guiarat. North India: two views (1) Observations on centralised and decentralised nurseries In an NGO in Gujarat, India by Harnath JAGAWAT  and (2) People's decentralised nurseries: field-level experiences of the Gujarat Forest Department, India by D.P.S. VERMA
  • Forest Tree Nurseries in Agricultural High Schools: Analysis of Ecuadorean Experiences by Dennis F. DESMOND
  • Forestry, Social Forestry, Fuelwood and the Environment: A Tour of the Horizon by Gill SHEPHERD
  • Social Forestry and Communal Management in India by J.E. Mike ARNOLD
  • Communal Woodlots in Tanzania: Farmers' Response and an Evolving Extension Strategy by Edwin SHANKS
  • Social Forestry in Northern Ethiopia: Turning Felt Needs into a Driving Force by Julian WAKE
  • Trees on Farm Lands in North-West India: Field Data from Six Villages by N.C. SAXENA
  • Beyond Community Woodlots: Programmes with Participation by Michael M. CERNEA