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Scaling up innovation in health

Research report

Written by Carmen Leon-Himmelstine, Fiona Samuels, Susan Nicolai

Research report

These five case studies were developed as part of Wellcome Trust’s support to the delivery of the Global Action Plan for Healthy Lives and Wellbeing for All (GAP). Wellcome contributes to the GAP through supporting the development of, and co-leading with the World Health Organization (WHO), one of seven ‘accelerators’: the Research & Developemnt, Innovation and Access accelerator. One focus area is to generate recommendations on how to scale-up innovations and their impact through identifying catalytic actions and ways of working together for governments, national and international organisations. The five case studies are:

  • Hepatitis C testing, treatment and educational campaign – with a focus on Egypt
  • HIV self-testing – with a focus on the STAR initiative in Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Eswatini and Lesotho
  • MDiabetes – with a focus in India
  • MenAfricVac – roll out of meningitis A vaccine in sub-Saharan Africa’s meningitis belt
  • HITAP - Health Intervention and Technology Assessment Programme, in Thailand

We initially put the innovations in context geographically, politically and historically, where relevant. We then explore the enablers and barriers to implementing the innovations and scaling them up, in particular, considering how the barriers or challenges were overcome. The role of different actors and their priorities, including donors, government, civil society, private sector and community members is a key part of the story, as is the extent to which they partner and collaborate. Together these studies reveal important details about scaling up innovation in health and its contribution to SDG3 progress.

Carmen Leon-Himmelstine, Rachel Thompson, Fiona Samuels and Susan Nicolai