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  1. ESG and climate risks in India: an introduction for finance professionals


  2. ESG and climate risk management in the Indian financial sector: A landscape analysis of 10 leading financial institutions

    Case/country studies

  3. The rise of sustainable finance in India

    Case/country studies

  4. Identifying, managing and disclosing climate-related financial risks: options for the Reserve Bank of India

    Research reports

  5. Getting back on track to end poverty in South Asia


  6. Can broadcast media change gender norms? Lessons from South Asia


  7. The costs of climate change in India: a review of the climate-related risks facing India, and their economic and social costs

    Literature reviews

  8. Use of digital technology among adolescents in the adult entertainment sector in Nepal

    Briefing/policy papers

  9. ODI Bites: women and the future of work


  10. Three ways digital technology can help drug makers fight COVID-19

  11. India’s fiscal response to Covid-19


  12. Donors in transition and the future of development cooperation: what do the data from Brazil, India, China and South Africa reveal?

    Working papers

  13. Energy safety nets: using social assistance mechanisms to close affordability gaps for the poor

    Research reports

  14. Scaling up innovation in health

    Research reports

  15. The new development diplomacy in middle-income countries: the changing role of traditional donors in India

    Research reports

  16. 'We can change our destiny': an evaluation of Standard Chartered’s Goal programme

    Research reports

  17. G20 support to coal power plants increases by more than double – new report

    Press Release

  18. Tracking G20 coal subsidies

  19. G20 coal subsidies: India

    Research reports

  20. How digitising payments can improve public financial management