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Strengthening climate risk assessment and enabling central bank supervision in the Indian financial sector: skill enhancement program for frontrunning Indian banks


Written by Namita Viskas, Smitha Hari, Sourajit Ayer, Sudha Meiyappan

Image credit:Unsplash

These modules are aimed at training professionals in Indian financial institutions (FIs) to operationalise climate-related risk management practices to scale up green and sustainable finance. Our work will also equip the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) with the information and support necessary to introduce more stringent climate-related prudential regulation.

Split into two clear objectives, the first seeks to enable financial institutions to identify and measure climate-related risks on their balance sheets, helping to shift finance away from carbon-intensive projects that are exposed to significant transition risks.

The second aims to make progress towards the introduction of climate-responsive prudential guidelines and disclosure frameworks for regulated entities, incentivising the allocation of capital to low-carbon activities.