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Regional inequality and primary education in Northern Uganda

Briefing/policy papers

This paper is part of a collection of five policy briefs was commissioned by the World Bank for the 2009 World Development Report Reshaping Economic Geography.  This brief examines Universal Primary Education in Uganda and its impact on reducing regional inequality in education access, quality and performance. This brief finds that while the universalistic approach to  addressing regional disparities in education is effective and has improved primary education access and quality in the lagging northern region of Uganda, it does not have an equalising effect. Additional resources are required to reduce regional disparities, particularly in relation to primary education quality and performance.

All five policy briefs seek to explore how a range of policy instruments might influence spatial differentiation within countries.  The policy briefs explore different policy instruments and issues, but all have three common objectives. First, to explore the spatial disparity that motivated the policy response; second, to outline the policy instrument; and third, to examine the impact of the policy.

Kate Higgins