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  1. The nature of social cohesion? Lessons from relations between Afghan refugees and their neighbours in Pakistan

    Case/country studies

  2. Exploring Karen refugee youths' aspirations and wellbeing amidst protracted displacement in Thailand

    Working papers

  3. Think Change episode 35: is the international community failing on its shared commitment to refugees?

  4. Social cohesion or social coercion? How policies to improve refugee–host relations can go astray

  5. The failure to fund refugee-led organisations: why the current system is not working, and the potential for change

    Research reports

  6. Financing refugee leadership and agency


  7. Is anti-migrant rhetoric still a vote-winner? Unpacking narratives in Poland's election

  8. What is the connection between social cohesion and local integration? Lessons from Tanzania

  9. Why the refugee label undermines social cohesion: lessons from Tanzania

  10. What aid actors need to know about social cohesion in displacement: a Tanzania case study

    Case/country studies

  11. Decarbonising the UK’s building stock: can immigration policy help solve workforce challenges?

    Working papers

  12. Smugglers or refugees? The growing prosecution of refugees in Europe

  13. Digitally powered ‘learning to earning’ for displaced young people and adolescent girls and young women

    Research reports

  14. Wellbeing in humanitarian action: what food, sex and death can teach us about supporting meaningful lives

  15. Think Change episode 27: refugee leadership – how do we move from talk to action?

  16. Meaningful participation means refugee-led organisation (RLO) inclusion

  17. Refugees and IDPs need to be included in public services, how do we do this in practice?

  18. To address complex refugee problems, the refugee regime should be accountable to the population it serves

  19. Longitudinal evaluation of the implementation of UNHCR's Age, Gender and Diversity policy

    Case/country studies

  20. Public narratives and attitudes towards refugees and other migrants: Portugal country profile

    Case/country studies