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Doing cash differently: how cash transfers can transform humanitarian aid

Research report

Research report

​The nature of humanitarian crises is changing. More people are in need and for longer. Humanitarian assistance could be more effective, more efficient and more transparent if aid was given in the form of cash directly to people struggling to survive in crises.

But while aid organisations are starting to give more cash and vouchers, they account for only about 6% of humanitarian aid, given out by a variety of competing agencies.

This report, written by the High Level Panel on Humanitarian Cash Transfers, identifies 12 crucial steps to scaling up cash transfer programmes, including capitalising on digital technology and private sector expertise and opening up programmes to greater competition.

The report also outlines how making cash central to emergency response planning is also an opportunity for broader reform of the humanitarian system. It charts the next steps for donors, governments and humanitarian agencies to make these changes a reality.

High Level Panel on Humanitarian Cash Transfers