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Bridging Research and Policy on HIV/AIDS in Developing Countries

Working papers

Working papers

HIV/AIDS is an issue where gaps between research and policy can have devastating implications. For many, this is compelling evidence regarding what causes the disease, how to prevent it spreading, and its social and economic impact. There has also been sustained international attention given to fighting the disease. Yet, the response of policymakers in developing countries has been extremely mixed. Some developing countries have given massive priority to responding to the disease. In manyothers, however, HIV has spread and the crisis has deepened owing to the lack of policy esponse.

This paper outlines a study that aimed to explains the very different ways and levels of priority in responding to the disease. In order to reach some generalisable conclusions, this study had a number of different components. These included:

• Two annotated bibliographies on Bridging Research and Policy on HIV/AIDS

• Three country studies: Uganda, Kenya and Botswana

• Three issue studies: Safe Blood; Mother to Child Transmission (MTCT); and, the 3x5 Initiative

• A meeting of leading researchers, policymakers and NGOs in the UK who work on HIV/AIDS in developing countries

Julius Court