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Nanumea island, Tuvalu
This study was undertaken to inform the SIDS Global Data Hub, launched at the SIDS4 Conference in May 2024, as well as Small Island Developing States' (SIDS) broader suite of activities on adaptation and resilience information, in the context of the next 10-year SIDS agenda: ‘The Antigua and Barbuda Agenda for SIDS – a Renewed Declaration for Resilient Prosperity’.

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  1. ‘I didn’t know anything!’: GAGE midline findings on the sexual and reproductive health of vulnerable young people in Jordan

    Research report

  2. Better humanitarian responses to SRHR in crises: mapping the architecture for change

    Meeting/conference report

  3. Sexual and reproductive health, information and services: opportunities and challenges for marginalised young people in Jordan

    Briefing/policy paper

  4. Sex, health and rights in displacement and humanitarian response: crises upon crises in Lebanon and beyond

    Case/country study

  5. Tackling the ‘culture of silence' to improve adolescent sexual and reproductive health in Jordan

    Briefing/policy paper

  6. Adolescent sexual and reproductive health for out-of-school youth: lessons from a pilot intervention with young people with disabilities in Ethiopia

    Briefing/policy paper

  7. ‘There is no single day I am relaxed in my heart’: GAGE findings on the lives of adolescent mothers

    Briefing/policy paper

  8. Beyond survival: exploring wellbeing in humanitarian action

    Literature review

  9. Personal income tax reforms and income inequality in African countries

    Working paper

  10. Young women involved in commercial sex work in urban Ethiopia: experiences, drivers and implications for sexual and reproductive health policy and programming

    Briefing/policy paper

  11. Reproductive justice, sexual rights and bodily autonomy in humanitarian action: what a justice lens brings to crisis response

    Working paper

  12. Changing gender norms in displacement: Venezuelans in Bogotá, Cúcuta and Pasto, Colombia

    Working paper

  13. Rethinking climate change through a gender and adolescent lens in Ethiopia

    Journal issue/article

  14. ‘We Have No Hope for Anything’: Exploring Interconnected Economic, Social and Environmental Risks to Adolescents in Lebanon

    Journal issue/article

  15. Compounding inequalities: Adolescent psychosocial wellbeing and resilience among refugee and host communities in Jordan during the COVID-19 pandemic

    Journal issue/article

  16. The TaxDev employment income taxes dataset and technical guide


  17. Exploring the diversity of FGM/C practices in Ethiopia. Drivers, experiences and opportunities for social norm change

    Research report

  18. Employment income tax in Africa: findings from a new dataset

    Working paper

  19. Sexual and reproductive health and rights after Covid-19: A forward-looking agenda

    Briefing/policy paper

  20. Finding the Hard to Reach: A Mixed Methods Approach to Including Adolescents with Disabilities in Survey Research

    Book/book chapter