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Finding the Hard to Reach: A Mixed Methods Approach to Including Adolescents with Disabilities in Survey Research

Book/book chapter

Written by Nicola Jones

Census-style approaches to sampling often miss the most vulnerable. The Gender and Adolescence: Global Evidence (GAGE) programme used a multi-faceted approach to identify and include adolescents with disabilities, who are often hidden due to stigma and lack of accommodation in public spaces, in its baseline surveys in Bangladesh and Ethiopia during 2017–2018. After presenting the strategies implemented and challenges faced in identifying and working with adolescents with disabilities, this paper presents findings on their experiences across the six GAGE capability areas. These findings contribute to the limited evidence base on how disability shapes the daily lives of adolescents.

Authors: Jennifer Seager, Sarah Baird, Joan Hamory Hicks, Sabina Faiz Rashid, Maheen Sultan, Workneh Yadete and Nicola Jones