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Rachel Marcus

Senior Research Fellow

  • Gender Equality and Social Inclusion
Portrait of Rachel Marcus

Rachel has 30 years’ experience as a social researcher and practitioner. She has particular expertise in conducting rigorous evidence reviews, with a focus on gender, childhood, youth and adolescence and social inclusion. Her main areas of thematic interest are education, skills, economic empowerment and migration. She has also worked on social aspects of climate change and child protection.

In recent years she has led evidence reviews on non-formal education programmes to shift gender norms, gender and youth livelihoods development; gender equality in formal education; protection of child migrants; youth civic and political participation; and effective integration of anti-poverty and child protection programmes. She is a lead advisor for the ALIGN platform, which brings together research and innovation to challenge discriminatory and harmful gender norms and has undertaken various training assignments on social and gender norms.

Before joining ODI, Rachel was an independent consultant. She has worked for DFID (now FCDO) as a Social Development Advisor, and for Save the Children as a Research and Policy Advisor, where she served as Deputy Director of the Childhood Poverty Research and Policy Centre. As an independent consultant Rachel undertook assignments for Girl Hub on adolescent girls, for the World Bank and UNICEF on childhood, youth and social exclusion, and for DFID (FCDO) on youth and gender. Rachel has worked in the following countries: Belize, Bosnia Herzegovina, Kyrgyzstan, India, Mali, Mongolia, Mozambique, Namibia, Pakistan and Tanzania.

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