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Podcast series: transforming the world for girls


Written by Caroline Harper, Rachel Marcus, Nicola Jones, Fiona Samuels, Paola Pereznieto

Hero image description: A young girl in Ethiopia. Image credit:David Walker/ODI

‘Transforming the world for girls’ is a three-part podcast series exploring how harmful gendered norms affect the lives of girls in developing countries.

This podcast brings together four years of learning on gender norms and adolescent girls, with a focus on Ethiopia, Nepal, Uganda and Viet Nam.

Through interviews with girls, their families and communities, and some of the world’s leading gender and development researchers, we explore how we can transform girls’ futures. 

The podcast is divided into three episodes: 

  • Episode 1: What are gender norms, and how are they changing? 
  • Episode 2: Change is challenging 
  • Episode 3: Opportunities and challenges for girls’ empowerment 

This podcast was created as an output of the UK Government-funded Transforming the Lives of Women and Girls project. View our Knowledge to Action resource series on adolescent girls and gender norms. 


Frequently asked questions

Episode 1: What are gender norms, and how are they changing?

This episode introduces the concept of gender norms and explores how they are changing. It looks at gender norms through a historic lens to demonstrate that while change is slow, it is happening. 

Part 1: What are gender norms?
Part 2: Change happens 

Interviewees (May also appear in other episodes)

Frequently asked questions

Episode 2: Change is challenging

This episode unpacks some of the many challenges associated with changing gender norms.

Part 1: The paradoxical nature of change creates challenges
Part 2: What are the wider conditions needed to facilitate change?
Part 3: Even if change is happening, there are powerful forces pushing back

Interviewees (May also appear in the previous and following episode)

  • Carol Watson, independent researcher  
  • Dr Florence Kyoheirwe Muhanguzi, Senior Researcher, Makerere University, Uganda
  • Paola Pereznieto, Research Associate, ODI
  • Dr Fiona Samuels, Senior Research Fellow, ODI

Frequently asked questions

Episode 3: Opportunities for girls' empowerment

We explore three distinct areas of opportunity to change gender norms: policy and the law, communications, and education. We conclude the series with a reflection on the nature of gendered norms and provide opportunity for listeners to individually act on the lessons learned.

Part 1: Policies and laws to empower adolescent girls
Part 2: Communications, girls’ clubs and norms
Part 3: Girls’ education
Conclusion: Gender norms affect all of us: knowledge and understanding leads to change

Interviewees (also featuring interviewees from previous episodes)