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Viet Nam

  1. Impact of Covid-19 on adolescent mental health in Viet Nam and Tanzania

  2. Drivers of and protective factors for mental health and psychosocial well-being among adolescents: a snapshot from Tanzania and Viet Nam

  3. Non-digital interventions for adolescent mental health and psychosocial well-being: a review of the literature

  4. Digital approaches to adolescent mental health: a review of the literature

  5. Addressing the mental health needs of adolescents in Tanzania and Viet Nam through the co-creation of digital and non-digital solutions

  6. Safe ride: tackling gender norms and preventing sexual harassment on public transportation

  7. Three tips for policy-makers on implementing the SDGs

  8. Achieving the SDGs and ‘leaving no one behind': maximising synergies and mitigating trade-offs

  9. Mental health and psychosocial wellbeing of children and young people in Viet Nam

  10. Empowering adolescent girls in developing countries: gender justice and norm change

  11. Podcast series: transforming the world for girls

  12. Inclusive development and the politics of transformation: lessons from Asia

  13. What policy lessons can be learnt from cases of pro-poorest growth?

  14. Leaving no one behind: a critical path for the first 1,000 days of the Sustainable Development Goals

  15. Mental health study of children and young people in Vietnam

  16. How resilient are escapes out of poverty?

  17. The capabilities of finance ministries

  18. Mobilising private climate finance in lower-income countries

  19. Mobilising private finance for climate compatible development: a diagnostic tool for mapping incentives and investment

  20. Age of choice: Viet Nam in the new development finance landscape