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Eradicating extreme poverty: a noble goal, but how do we measure it?

Written by Emma Samman


This week we kick off debate over how a post-2015 framework ought to measure poverty – with a blog by Martin Ravallion arguing that a new poverty target should continue to be based on a $1.25 a day poverty line alongside a ‘weakly relative’ poverty line, so that absolute poverty is given primacy but relative poverty is also taken into account.

Further contributions will argue for higher international poverty lines (Lant Pritchett), for a focus on internationally coordinated national poverty lines (Stephan Klasen), for a poverty measure that includes both the headcount and depth of multidimensional deprivation (Sabina Alkire), and for a focus on relative poverty that distinguishes across different types of poor people (Amanda Lenhardt and Andrew Shepherd). We'll be uploading these every few days throughout May.

Please do join the debate, either by proposing a blog advocating a particular measure or by commenting on the proposals being advanced.