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Navigating the poly-crisis: 2023 ODI Public Finance Conference

This event has finished, watch or listen to the playback below.

Please note: this is a two-day event running from Tuesday 26 September Wednesday 27 September.


A series of major shocks have hit the global economy, putting public finances under pressure. Covid-19 and the war in Ukraine have led to rising inflation, interest rates and public debt. They have also placed significant demands on public spending. Since 2020, governments have increased health spending and expanded social safety nets – in many cases to unprecedented levels. Now, slower growth and higher debt service costs are squeezing the fiscal space for spending on public services at a time when global poverty is rising and the pressures to address the climate crisis are becoming increasingly urgent.

ODI’s 2023 Public Finance Conference will examine the trade-offs facing finance ministries as they navigate this 'poly-crisis', drawing on the latest research and international experiences. Participants will debate the ideas that guide macro-fiscal policy-making and share lessons from managing the fiscal squeeze. The discussions will reflect on how these short-term stabilisation needs can be balanced against the longer-term challenges for tackling income inequality and the climate crisis. In doing so, we will shape a new 2050 agenda for public finances in low- and middle-income countries that could provide an improved basis for international cooperation and peer learning for the next three decades.

Important information for attendees

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If you wish to get in touch with the conference organisers, please email Cathal Long at [email protected].

Download the full agenda here.


Start time End time Description

Tuesday 26 September

08:30 09:15


09:15 09:30

Opening remarks

09:30 11:00

Session 1: Finance ministries in the poly-crisis

Public finances are under pressure from a series of major shocks just as spending needs are rising. How will the institutions that govern public finance meet this challenge?

11:00 11:30


11:30 13:00

Session 2: Budgeting in the fiscal squeeze

When designing and delivering fiscal consolidation packages, what can finance ministries learn from contemporary and historical experience to retain control over public finances?

13:00 14:00


14:00 15:30

Session 3: Facing long-term challenges

How do finance ministries look beyond balancing the books in the short term? What types of analysis and institutions can help focus attention on longer-term challenges and fiscal risks?

15:30 16:00


16:00 17:30

Session 4: Keynote – Adam Tooze

The international economic order in an age of poly-crisis

17:30 19:30

Drinks reception

Wednesday 27 September

08:30 09:30


10:00 11:30

Session 5: Targeted and responsive fiscal policy

Can fiscal policy be more targeted in response to rising poverty and economic shocks? How could new digital capabilities and institutional arrangements help deliver this?

11:30 12:30


12:30 14:00

Session 6: Growth strategies in the face of crisis

How should growth strategies change to respond to the debt and climate crises? What role can industrial policy play at a time when a ‘New Washington Consensus’ is overturning many policy orthodoxies?

14:00 15:30

Session 7: Reform of the international financial architecture?

How can international financing help ease fiscal pressures at a time when spending needs are rising?

15:30 16:00


16:00 17:15

Session 8: Shaping a new agenda on public finance

Do we need a new public finance agenda for the 21st century? And how will this be different from the consensus that followed the global financial crisis?

17:15 17:30

Closing remarks


  • Sara-Ahmed-400px

    Sara Jane Ahmed

    Finance Adviser, V20 Group of Finance Ministers of the Climate Vulnerable Forum

  • Yamini Aiyar

    Yamini Aiyar

    President and Chief Executive, Centre for Policy Research (India)

  • Fantahun Belew Asfaw

    Disaster Risk Finance Workstream Lead, Oxford Policy Management, Ethiopia

  • Mike-Bracken

    Mike Bracken

    Partner, Public Digital

  • Kay Brown (CABRI)

    Kay Brown

    Executive Secretary, Collaborative Africa Budget Reform Initiative

  • Masyita_Crystallin_sq.jpg

    Masyita Crystallin

    Special Advisor to the Minister of Finance, Indonesia

  • Rosamund Edwards

    Rosamund Edwards

    Former Financial Secretary, Dominica

  • Luc Eyraud

    Luc Eyraud

    Division Chief, International Monetary Fund


    Indermit Gill

    Chief Economist, World Bank Group & Senior Vice President for Development Economics

  • Richard Hughes (OBR)

    Richard Hughes

    Chair, Office of Budget Responsibility

  • Kalpana Kochar

    Kalpana Kochhar

    Director, Development Policy and Finance, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

  • Arvind Mayaram

    Former Finance Secretary, Ministry of Finance, India

  • Amélie de Montchalin

    Amélie de Montchalin

    Ambassador and Permanent Representative of France to the OECD

  • Delphine Moretti

    Delphine Moretti

    Lead, OECD Working Party on Public Financial Management, Public Governance Directorate

  • Ndirangu

    Daniel Ndirangu

    Country Lead and Head of Programmes, Institute of Public Finance, Kenya

  • Marc Robinson

    Marc Robinson

    International Consultant, PFM Results and author, 'Bigger Government'

  • abebe-aemro-selassie

    Abebe Aemro Selassie

    Director of the African Department, IMF

  • Mousse Sow

    Moussé Sow

    Energy Advisor to the Minister of Finance, Senegal

  • Mezgebu

    Mezgebu Amha Terefe

    Senior Fiscal Policy Advisor, Ministry of Finance, Ethiopia

  • Adam Tooze 2

    Adam Tooze

    Kathryn and Shelby Cullom Davis Professor of History and Director of the European Institute, Columbia University (keynote speaker)

  • Andres Velasco

    Andrés Velasco

    Dean of the School of Public Policy, London School of Economics and Political Science

  • Jeromin Zettelmeyer

    Jeromin Zettelmeyer

    Director, Bruegel