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Advancing Learning and Innovation on Gender Norms (ALIGN)

ALIGN enables and connects a global community of researchers and thought leaders to challenge and change harmful gender norms affecting adolescents and young adults.

Through developing and sharing innovations, ALIGN aims to advance understanding and ensure knowledge on norm change contributes to sustainable gender justice. Learning and discussion will be facilitated by both in-person meetings, bi-annually in the Global North and Global South, and digital engagement on the ALIGN platform.

ALIGN’s digital platform will offer a range of resources and opportunities for knowledge sharing and innovation, including a ‘resource hub’ of key knowledge and innovative thinking on gender norms and norm change, as well as ‘curated areas’ of expert thinking to guide users through a range of relevant themes and topics on gender norms. The platform will also invite user participation and discussions, and other audiovisual means of learning including webinars and podcasts. 

ALIGN will fund small research and knowledge translation projects aimed at advancing knowledge and innovation on gender norms and norm change.

ALIGN is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and managed by ODI. 

Visit the ALIGN Platform here


Caroline Harper, Rachel George, Jessica Plummer, Rachel Marcus, Fiona Samuels, Sonia Hoque

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  10. Gender, power and progress: how norms change

    Research reports

  11. Innovations in quantitative measurement of gender norms


  12. Gender norms and women in politics: evaluating progress and identifying challenges on the 25th anniversary of the Beijing Platform

    Briefing/policy papers

  13. ALIGN Guide: Education and gender norms


  14. Historical lessons on gender norm change, with case studies from Uganda and Nepal

    Briefing/policy papers

  15. Why look back? It's not where we are going: the value of history in understanding gender and development

    Working papers

  16. Social protection and gender norm change: an annotated bibliography


  17. The 'social' in 'psychosocial': how gender norms drive psychosocial distress


  18. Education and gender norm change