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Social protection

  1. Basic needs and wellbeing in displacement settings: the role of humanitarian assistance and social protection

    Working papers

  2. Social protection responses to forced displacement in Colombia

    Research reports

  3. Integrating assistance to the displaced into a social protection system in Cameroon. An ideal, but in whose interests?

    Research reports

  4. Humanitarian assistance and social protection in contexts of forced displacement: effects on social cohesion

    Research reports

  5. Linking social protection and humanitarian assistance: A toolkit to support social cohesion in displacement settings


  6. Humanitarian assistance and social protection responses to the forcibly displaced in Greece

    Research reports

  7. Development Policy Review May 2022 round-up

  8. Gender-responsive social protection post Covid-19

    Journal issue/article

  9. Extending social protection to migrant workers in the Gulf


  10. Informal transfers in low- and middle-income countries: for whom, how much and with what effect?

    Working papers

  11. Uneven floors: targeting categorical transfers for poverty and inequality reductions

    Working papers

  12. Compounding inequalities: Adolescent psychosocial wellbeing and resilience among refugee and host communities in Jordan during the COVID-19 pandemic

    Journal issue/article

  13. Social protection and forcibly displaced people: a literature review

    Literature reviews

  14. Staffing shortages in the UK’s care sector: a sign of things to come

  15. Getting back on track to end poverty in South Asia


  16. Climate change, conflict and displacement: implications for protection agencies


  17. Handbook on Social Protection Systems

    Book/book chapter

  18. Preventing school dropout and early marriage in Nepal

    Research reports

  19. Adolescent economic empowerment in Ethiopia: implications for policy and programming from the GAGE midline data

    Briefing/policy papers

  20. ‘We suffer to survive’: Exploring adolescent opportunities and challenges in securing decent work and the foundations for economic empowerment in Ethiopia

    Research reports