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What can existing microdata tell us about transfer receipt among host and displaced populations?

Working papers

Written by Heiner Salomon, Jessica Hagen-Zanker

Hero image description: North East Syria, Al Hassakeh Governorate, Al Hol camp for internally displaced persons. Children in the shadow of a water tank. Image credit:Ali Yousef/ICRC

At the moment, it is very difficult to gain even a basic understanding of how much support displaced populations – including both refugees/ asylum seekers and internally displaced persons– are receiving in different countries.

This analysis aims to help closing that gap by providing a – to our knowledge first – approximation of comparative coverage rates for social protection and voucher based humanitarian support (including predominantly cash and food support) in displacement contexts. Using mostly the recently established UNHCR microdata base and readily available World Bank surveys in displacement contexts, we combined several different household survey types from 13 countries that include displaced populations.

This output is part of a larger two-year research project studying approaches to assisting affected populations in contexts of forced displacement. For more information and other project outputs, see here.