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Palestinian Territory

  1. Covid-19 phone survey (round 2) in Jordan and Palestine

  2. Through their eyes: exploring the complex drivers of child marriage in humanitarian contexts

  3. ‘I have nothing to feed my family…’: Covid-19 risk pathways for adolescent girls in low- and middle-income countries

  4. ‘Every action counts’: why the humanitarian sector needs to fast-track inclusion

  5. Exploring the impact of Covid-19 on adolescents in the Gaza Strip

  6. 'Even though I am blind, I am still human!': the neglect of adolescents with disabilities' human rights in conflict-affected contexts

  7. Leave no adolescent behind: the gender- and age-specific vulnerabilities of adolescent refugees and IDPs

  8. Women Deliver 2019 Conference Power Talk

  9. Why a ‘cash plus’ approach is critical to better support children and adolescents with disabilities: evidence from Jordan and Palestine

  10. Counter-terrorism, bank de-risking and humanitarian response: a path forward

  11. ‘A humanitarian sector in debt’: counter-terrorism, bank de-risking and financial access for NGOs in the West Bank and Gaza

  12. Adolescents with disabilities denied access to basic education and health services – new report

  13. Adolescents with disabilities: enhancing resilience and delivering inclusive development

  14. Accelerating adolescent girls’ education and empowerment: a call for action to the G7

  15. Gender and Adolescence: Global Evidence overview

  16. GAGE on: adolescence and gender norms

  17. 'I prefer to stay silent': exploring opportunities for and challenges to adolescents' psychosocial and mental health in Gaza

  18. ‘No one told me about that’: exploring adolescent access to health services and information in Gaza

  19. ‘If you speak your mind, they judge’: exploring opportunities for and challenges to adolescent voice and agency in Gaza

  20. 'We girls also have ambitions!': Exploring opportunities for and challenges to quality education for adolescents in Gaza