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Handbook on Social Protection Systems

Book/book chapter

Written by Nicola Jones

Image credit:Nathalie Bertrams/GAGE

Gender and social protection

This chapter focuses on the gender dimensions of social protection design and implementation in lower- and middle-income countries. It summarizes available evidence on the extent to which social protection – from cash and asset transfers to public works programmes and social insurance schemes – is promoting girls’ and women’s empowerment and gender equality.

Author: Nicola Jones

Case study K: Palestine’s national cash transfer programme: An example of cash transfer programming in a humanitarian setting

There are some promising examples of how social protection, especially CTs, can mitigate the effects of crises. Yet the evidence base is still limited, particularly around the role of social protection in rapid-onset crisis versus protracted conflict environments (Ulrichs and Sabates-Wheeler 2018). This case study therefore provides evidence about the impact of social assistance in Palestine, drawing on three rounds of empirical research conducted by the Overseas Development Institute.

Authors: Nicola Jones and Bassam Abu Hamad